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Internal moves: refers to moves within our company through the application process for open vacancies. It's a chance to explore new horizons, with or without international mobility assistance and visa support. Whether seeking growth in your current location or a global adventure, we've got you covered.

Not Outlined On this Website

  1. Secondments: Internal moves involve employees being seconded to work in different locations for important assignments.
  2. Promotions: A career progression step that is initiated via a merit uplevel or merit role change through your performance cycle and not via an application.
  3. Rotations: Temporary role rotation for employee development purposes.

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Who is eligible to apply?


We encourage employees to pursue opportunities for growth and development within HelloFresh at a time that is right for the employee and for HelloFresh.  See the eligibility requirements below for applying to internal roles.

If you do not meet this criteria, read our exception process here.


We encourage applications from employees of good standing and not on a performance improvement plan or warning. 

Tenure in role

It’s important for employees to have given their role a fair chance before applying for a new role.  Recommended tenure in role is:
→ CS6 and below: 6 months+
→ CS7 onwards: 12 months+

Contract staff or temporary employees may be considered depending on the circumstances and needs of HelloFresh. 

Visa process

Employees must have the appropriate right to work in the new location if applicable. The TA team responsible for the vacancy  will outline if visa sponsorship is possible and support the visa process. Relocation packages are defined by the entity where the vacancy exists

Step by step to apply to internal roles

Before you begin: Preparing Yourself for an Internal Move

Our differences makes us stronger; inclusion makes them matter. That’s why building a strong culture is important to us — once you join the flock, we have many ways for you to get involved and bring your “whole self” to your role. Our employee groups foster supportive environments for employees of various backgrounds, and have also led the charge on incredible programming and initiatives, both internal and external.

Step 1: Submit Your Application

Ready to apply?
Apply using our internal job board.
If you have questions about the role, contact the recruiter listed on the job posting.
If you would like to keep your application confidential, please disclose this in your application. 

Step 2: The Fresh Chat

Once your application has been submitted, the recruiter and hiring manager will carefully review your application.

The recruiter will book a Fresh Chat with all internal applicants to discuss:

  • Career aspirations
  • Is this role in line with your goals? 
  • Overall skills add 
  • Administrative requirements
  • Salary, relocation requirements (i.e. visa) 

After the Fresh Chat:
The recruiter will inform the employee if they are selected to move forward to the interview stage of the process. This will be done within 2 business days.
If the employee does not meet the position requirements, the recruiter will book time with the employee to discuss rejection reasoning. 

Step 3: Skills Assessment

Once the internal employee has been selected to proceed to the next step of the interview process, the employee will normally undergo a shortened series of interviews specific to the role, such as:

  • Technical Interview or Test (if the skills required are not demonstrated in the current role);
  • Stakeholder Interview: Leadership Interview, Cross-Functional Interview, etc.

When to include your line manager:
If you have shared your application process with your line manager, it is encouraged that the line manager and hiring manager meet at this stage of the interview process to discuss your candidacy. 
If the application has been kept confidential, the employee is required to inform their manager of their application status once they have have been informed they are a finalist and before an offer is made.

Step 4: Offer Stage

If the employee is selected for the role:
The involved parties (Recruiter, People Partner, Hiring Manager, and Line Manager) will extend an offer. The employee can reject or accept the provisional offer made within three days.

If the employee is not selected for the role:
The recruiter will share the initial round of feedback. The candidate also has the option to set up a follow-up call with the hiring manager to discuss the feedback more in detail.
It is encouraged that the employee discusses this feedback in future career development conversations with their line manager.

Step 5: Transition Plan

Transition Planning:
The Hiring Manager and the Line Manager will discuss the start date and create a detailed training & offboarding handover plan. 
A suitable time frame for both parties will be established, without exceeding the notice period that is indicated for your current position (unless for business critical reasons).

International Moves:
The Hiring Manager’s local Mobility Team and People Admin will be the primary points of contact during the transition. The receiving team’s entity will own the relocation process, working closely with the other entity’s HR department and the responsible recruiter. 
They will support you with the Visa applications and relocation support 

Resources for you

Have questions?

Reach out to your local Talent Acquisition team or send an email to one of the team inboxes below. They will respond to your request as quickly as possible.
Talent Acquisition
Talent Acquisition
Your key point of contact throughout the application process for candidates, hiring managers, and line managers, while also providing support for backfilling roles of internally relocated employees.
Yael Steinman
People Admin
Users can update reporting lines in Workday and make changes to contracts, including amendments and extensions.
HRBP Commercial
HRBP Commercial
Supports internal employees throughout the entire hiring process, particularly with employee relations and succession planning.
Supports internal employees throughout the entire hiring process, particularly with employee relations and succession planning.