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Personal Stories of Growth from HelloFresh Employees
It's vital to establish a 'support network' when embarking on a new role within a company. I conducted numerous meetings with stakeholders to understand their challenges and opportunities.
Yentl Molenaar
Global Head of Group Communications
One of the HelloFresh DNA competencies is that "learning never stops" I can definitely say that the move helped me to gain more knowledge about our platform and the current tech stack but it also helped me to expand my professional network.
Davor Juric
Staff Engineer - Test Analysis Chapter Lead
First, never doubt yourself! Second, if you feel that your time has come to move into another role and you see that there is an opportunity in the same company and you are passionate about that role, simply do it.
Vaness Ferrari
Production Manager, HelloFresh Spain
My advice would be to take a proactive approach, and start by exploring your interests and identifying the skills and knowledge required for the new role you aspire to. Seek opportunities to gain relevant experience or training, either through internal projects or external resources.
Júlio Carvalho
Finance Business Intelligence Analyst, HelloFresh Benelux
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