Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

​​​​​​​Everyone is welcome at our table

At HelloFresh, we want to change the way people eat forever. We believe sitting down to share a meal brings people of all identities, backgrounds, and cultures together. We are committed to celebrating all dimensions of diversity in the workplace equally, including unique perspectives, and empowering our team to bring their whole selves to work. We also aim to extend this to the partners we seek, and the communities we serve. We are constantly evolving to deliver on these principles.

Our Leaders Perspective

“At HelloFresh, we believe progress is made by challenging the status quo. This ethos carries into our DE&I strategy, where it’s not just a single program or a process but rather woven into every element of our business."

Elu Lawrence
VP, People US

​​​​​​“At HelloFresh, we don’t see diversity as an obligation, but as a strength and a prerequisite for successful growth. I am convinced that equal opportunities and inclusion should be an integral part of corporate strategy”

Thomas Griesel
CEO and Co-Founder

Hear From Our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Allies​​​​​​​


Anthony Parascondola

General Manager, Factor & Executive Sponsor FreshPride US

Kimberly Bedeau

Associate Director, Diversisty, Equity & Inclusion

Pablo Velez

Director, Human Resources Business Partner

Our Partnerships

HelloFresh + Xena
Over the course of an ongoing 7 month partnership, Xena diversified HelloFresh’s Engineering team in Berlin by hiring 11 women across Backend, Frontend and DevOps.
HelloFresh + inklupreneur

HelloFresh SE (Berlin HQ) partnered with Inklupreneur and pledged to hire at least 20 people with disabilities by 2024. Inklupreneur works with the German government and businesses to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities and offers a comprehensive program to help companies tackle organizational barriers to promote inclusion for people with disabilities.

HelloFresh + WEPs

HelloFresh SE is a signatory of the United Nation’s Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), joining a community of companies, industry associations, and chambers of commerce, committed to making a difference for gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace.

HelloFresh + Arise

A 6-week program for US employees that empower them with the skills, frameworks, and tools required to influence at all levels, accelerate their career, and have a voice at the table.

HelloFresh + CHIEF
A membership for US employees that connects executives to a network of leading executives in all industries. We also have a partnership that allows us to connect with existing members and provide sessions on a variety of topics as well as recruit other prominent business experts.
HelloFresh + CHIEF
A membership that allows US based employees to connect with peers,  build leadership skills, participate in events, and gain valuable industry insight and education. Our employees also gain access to a variety of learning opportunities.
HelloFresh + deed
Our all-in-one platform allows our US based employees to utilize company matching, volunteer, and give back. Our employees can join us in making a social impact across our sustainability goals as well as our ERG-focused initiatives.
HelloFresh + The Bowery Mission
Our NYC nonprofit partner where our ERG members team up to feed the homeless on a monthly basis.
HelloFresh + Tent
A partnership and commitment to mentor at least 50 Afghan refugees in entering the workforce and advancing their careers over the next three years. Check out this press release for more information about our partnership.
HelloFresh + Prospanica
A US based talent partnership that allows us to connect with a wide range of Hispanic/Latino/a/x professionals across industries.

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