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We are one of the largest technology companies to come out of Europe over the past few years.

Joining our Product, Data, Engineering, and Design teams at HelloFresh and you'll be exposed to a modern technology stack in a fast-growing and agile working environment.


Meet our Tech Alliances

With the growing complexity of our business and in order to promote collaboration and deliver better solutions, our teams are distributed into Alliances. Each Alliance is equipped with a clear mission and success formula that allows them to operate with great autonomy. Have a look at how we organize our teams and find the perfect match for you.

    In order to deliver its delicious food, HelloFresh relies on efficient and convenient Supply Chain Management (SCM) Tech solutions. This Alliance's vision is to continue to build the world’s leading, scalable, fully-integrated, food supply chain management platform.

    The Food Alliance is responsible for building great customer experiences across web, iOS, and Android, enabling millions of customers to discover tasty and healthy food that they will love cooking and enjoy eating.

    The Decisions Alliance's goal is to enable HelloFresh to build a rapid feedback loop around understanding our customers, finding the best way to communicate with them and utilizing AI/ML capabilities.​​​​​

    The Foundations Alliance focuses on unleashing developer productivity by building the tools, services, systems, and infrastructure that teams across the company (and in turn, HelloFresh customers) use on a daily basis.

    The Security Alliance is at the very core and in every corner of the organization, setting the strategy, direction to improve HelloFresh's security posture. This includes detection and response, vulnerability and risk management, cloud and IT security, compliance engineering, and more.

    The Information Technology (IT) Alliance plays an important role throughout HelloFresh’s business – from delivering the best hardware and software service for each employee to managing the advanced technology in the fulfillment centers and logistic hubs, where our boxes are produced.

    The Global Payments team focuses on ensuring our customers have a seamless payment experience and also manages customer profitability at the company level through various retention-based initiatives.

    The Growth Alliance enables HelloFresh to expand by getting more customers to try, recommend, and return back to our products. They build digital customer-facing products that are used by customers all over the world.

    The Total Addressable Market Expansion (TAM) Alliance helps HelloFresh grow by launching our core products in more markets and expanding our offerings through multiple brands and verticals.

    Customers, Subscriptions and Orders, these are the three core domains that power the HelloFresh business. In the Consumer Core Alliance, the team ensures that customers are able to register for a new account, login, purchase a plan and place an order.

    The Engagement Alliance focuses on helping our customers use HelloFresh to their advantage and make it easier for them to get to the meal experience which fits their schedule, rhythm and goals — in the long term and in every single week.

    Just for fun. The #TechOnToast challenge

    Our tech experts are smart, "explain-stuff-faster-than-toasts-toast" smart. We'll prove it. Oh, and did we mention our toaster is crazy? So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some tech on toast.


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