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A career journey with a #Fresh perspective

HelloFresh People Facts and Figures

Our diverse workforce is a source of pride and inspiration, making HelloFresh a unique place to work. Our employees and their talents are as unique as they are diverse, yet we are all united by one shared mission: to change the way people eat — forever.


Employees worldwide​​​​​​​


Women in management positions​​​​​​​


Nationalities at Berlin HQ


Management positions filled internally


Employee Resource Groups around the world

Our employees and their talents are as unique as they are diverse, yet we are all united by one shared mission:

we change the way people eat - forever.

Living our company values

We are a global market leader, but haven’t lost our laid-back vibe, flat hierarchies and hands-on/can-do mentality. Our people work in a fast-paced, high-growth environment where learning never stops: on-the-job, from our customers, and about ourselves.

Speed and Agility

We make quick but informed decisions, we iterate and move faster than everybody else. We get things done here.

Data Drivenness

We are data-driven because data is our vehicle to learn and to make decisions based on fact rather than gut-feeling.​​​​


Learning Never Stops

We value those with a mindset that learning never stops, who always seek to better themselves and those around them, on both small and large scale.

Egoless Environment

We operate in an egoless environment, where we want you to speak up and challenge the status quo.​​​


Relentless Prioritisation

We stay laser focused and prioritise even if there are 100 things that require our attention.

We always start with the most important task on our list, set ambitious deadlines, and meet them anyway.

Customer Centricity

Whether we are designing new products or engaging with customers, we strive to keep their needs and interests at the forefront of everything that we do.​​​​​


Long-Term Orientation

We build for the long-term. We move with speed and agility today to create a scalable and sustainable organization for tomorrow.

Come as you are

At HelloFresh we want you to come as you are. Contribute to our values and bring your unique point of view to the table.

Our #SharetheRecipe mentality

At Hellofresh, we're constantly on a mission to help others grow and learn. Our staff is made up of people who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the world. We don't shy away from helping our teams, colleagues, and celebrate when we see them thrive.

Here are some handy tips from HelloFresh employees on how they've helped themselves or their colleagues improve in the last year.

Meet Varsha

Senior Data Engineer

Meet Sireena

International Packaging Innovation Manager

Just for fun. These are some of our favourite kitchen hacks.

Hungry for more? Meet some of our people and learn some kitchen hacks they've picked along their HelloFresh journey.

Meet Elena

Senior Data Engineer

Meet Marco

Recipe Developer

Meet Sophia

FrontEnd Engineer

Meet Leo

Recipe Developer

Meet Rita

Product Designer

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