Hej, Nordics

​​​​​​​With its central location in a vibrant residential environment, HelloFresh's Nordic HQ in Copenhagen is an open, informal work environment. Gathering senior management, creatives, and students under one roof, the building promotes interaction and knowledge sharing across different teams.

Lunch is offered from Mon-Fri, allowing teams to congregate and enjoy a social meal in the dining room or spacious balcony. Friday mornings include a breakfast buffet with delicious pastries, variety of cheese & juices. During the summer, there is often a large group of colleagues who enjoy the local lakes near the office to cool down. With no limit to extra curricular activities, we've just added a wine tasting club to the cross-fit, running, stretching and book clubs that have long been enjoyed by many.

HelloFresh Nordics in a nutshell

Number of employees

770 employees and growing

Number of Offices

1 Headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark and 2 Distribution Centers, 1 in Bjuv, Sweden and the other in Moss, Norway

Number of nationalities

We have employees from 45 different nationalities


Finance & Legal, People, Marketing & Growth, Brand & Coms, Product, Culinary, Customer Experience, OpsTech & Process Excellence, Business Development, Logistics, Procurement & FSQA

Check out our leaders in the kitchen

Featuring Kristian Hald, Managing Director of HelloFresh Nordics. Watch as he shares insights about HelloFresh Nordics journey - one of our youngest markets. Growing from 0 - 150 employees in just 3 years, Kristian shares our recipe for success. See what egg-dish he whisks up as you learn more about our Nordic operations.
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HelloFresh Nordic's Culture & Top Application Tips

Meet Rafael Graña, Head of Talent, Mobility & Rewards at HelloFresh Nordics. Rafael shares a behind-the-scenes look into the core values of the team, which have helped to develop their high-performing and unique workplace culture. Read the full blog to get a closer look at life at HelloFresh Nordics

Our #FreshTeam in the Nordics

Meet Katelijne Berx, Senior Manager for Sustainability and Packaging

HelloFresh culture in 3 words?
Get-things-done, continuous improvement and great energy.

How would you describe your HelloFresh journey up until here?
I have been here for almost 1,5 years and I got a lot of responsibility as of day one, we grew the team exponentially, but kept securing the culture we have. Every day is different but that is what I like about it.

What would you say to someone considering a career at HelloFresh?
Do not doubt, Go for it!

What is your favourite thing about working at HelloFresh?
I like the people & how we are all encouraging to become the better version of ourselves.

Your favourite HelloFresh recipe? 
Everything with Halloumi will be in my top 3.

Meet Christian Ristorp Jensen, Product Analyst

HelloFresh culture in 3 words?
Energetic, egoless and down-to-earth.

How would you describe your HelloFresh journey up until here?
I have been a part of HelloFresh for more than a year by now. What a journey! I was just fresh out of school arriving in the center of the business without any prior experience despite from student positions. And what a great place to get into. Young and dynamic vibe and work environment where seniority comes second and validity of your input comes first. It has been a great and very steep learning curve from day one. I can only recommend others to get the same experience as I did by joining here!

What would you say to someone considering a career at HelloFresh?
If you are interested in a job in a company with the opportunity to drive personal self-development and with an amazing work culture, then HelloFresh is the place to be. It is not for fun that we are ranking pretty good on our engagement score. The culture here is unique and fantastic!

What is your favourite thing about working at HelloFresh?
For me personally I live by rising for the occassion, hence the great amount of responsibility are key for my joy in my position. Moreover, the feeling of combining a physical and digital product in such a way as we do are pretty cool to work with! And then it is not the worst to be a part of tasting the recipes that we are testing.

Your favourite HelloFresh recipe?
Taco recipes are a classic - Quick & Easy + Great flavours. Otherwise I really like our Crispy Cauliflower.

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