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Our London headquarters is located in the heart of Shoreditch. The Fresh Farm, as we call it, was formerly an early 20th Century office building and printworks in South Shoreditch, and was home to the Mining Journal. In 2016 HelloFresh moved in and transformed the space into the modern industrial award winning workspace it remains today. The main aim of the refurbishment was to provide a strong identity for HelloFresh UK whilst retaining the industrial character of the existing building.

HelloFresh United Kingdon in a nutshell

Number of employees

1951 employees and growing

Number of Offices

1 Headquarter in London and 3 Distribution Centers in Nuneaton, Banbury & Derby

Number of Nationalities

We have employees from over 70 different nationalities


Brand Marketing, Commercial Finance, Culinary, Customer Analytics, Customer Experience, Customer Insight, Data & BI, Financial Control, Food Safety & QA, Green Chef, Growth Marketing, HR, Ingredients, Legal, Logistics, Marketing Analytics, Menu Strategy, Payroll, Procurement, Product, Product Operations, Retention, Special Operations, Strategy & Transformation, Supply Chain and Talent Acquisition

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​​​​​​​Working in a pleasant environment helps us concentrate, be more productive, and enjoy what we do more. That's why at HelloFresh, we pay a lot of attention to the spaces where our team works —or, as we call it, our Fresh Farm.
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Discover FreshVets UK

Fresh Vets UK is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment by creating a community where veterans and their families are valued, empowered, and treated fairly and with respect, through open opportunities, innovative training, and teamwork.

If you are a veteran, reservist or family member looking for career advice from a HelloFresh veteran please reach out on veterans@hellofresh.co.uk

Our #FreshTeam in the United Kingdon

Meet Mimi Morley, Senior Recipe Development Manager

HelloFresh culture in 3 words? 
I can't stick to 3 words for this question - the HF culture means you can be 100% yourself everyday and is the reason I've been here for so long!

How would you describe your HelloFresh journey up until here?
Not to be cliche but it's definitely been a rollercoaster the last 7 years - I started in customer care when there were 30 people in the whole office (having been a private chef before that) and then went from being the only recipe developer, cooking recipes at my flat (when WFH wasn't a thing), to then developing recipes in a tiny little flat in Holborn with 2 others and now we're an 11 person recipe development team in the coolest kitchen ever. At HF things change drastically in just a year so to think about 7 years ago is an actual different world! It's been incredible seeing the business grow from a start up to the UKs biggest food delivery service.

What would you say to someone considering a career at HelloFresh?
Come and join us. We're a fast paced young company where you can grow in every direction

What is your favourite thing about working at HelloFresh?
Whatever level you join, you can make a massive impact. It's fast paced, fun and you get a lot of free food... be prepared to eat HF for every meal!

Your favourite HelloFresh recipe? 
I probably shouldn't choose one of mine should I?! so I think Mushroom Pasanda... a vintage Andre recipe.

Meet David Howard, Senior Compliance and Food Safety Manager

HelloFresh culture in 3 words? 
Fast, fun and rewarding!

How would you describe your HelloFresh journey up until here?
Off the charts! I started in September 2020 with one site and a team of four in the middle of a pandemic! Food safety is always my priority and my first role was to ensure that food safety is everyone's priority. HelloFresh always focuses on the customer and supported my growth by recognising the need for a fully functioning food safety and quality team. During my time here I have grown my team and my responsibilities (taking on a key role in managing our covid teams, temporarily managing health and safety and many other projects outside of food safety) I have never said "same old, same old" at HelloFresh when asked about my role and it is that constant change and growth that I love.

What would you say to someone considering a career at HelloFresh?
It's like nothing else you have ever seen, come with an open mind, a love of data and embrace the constant drive for improvement.

What is your favourite thing about working at HelloFresh?
The people, I just love the people!

Your favourite HelloFresh recipe? 
North Indian Cauliflower and Lentil Dahl (or any of the dahls!).

Meet Joel Steadman, Warehouse Trainer

HelloFresh culture in 3 words? 
Inclusice, dynamic and supportive.

How would you describe your HelloFresh journey up until here?

It feels like I was always meant to work here. From the very beginning I was made to feel at home and welcomed into HelloFresh. For the first few weeks I was based in Nuneaton whilst our Derby site was being finished, even though it was not my site or team members I was immediately settled and introduced to everybody. Even to this day I still see the same people and we’re able to catch up like old friends. I have been given unlimited scope to pursue set agendas and to develop my training materials and build relationships across site. The environment is so positive which enables you to get on with day to day tasks as you always know you can raise an issue or escalate a problem if need be.

What would you say to someone considering a career at HelloFresh?
Give it a shot! It’s unlike anywhere else I've worked at. We’re a fast growing dynamic business that is revolutionizing the meal kit market, which means there’s a lot of work to be done, but we have fun whilst we do it. If you like a challenge and want to work with a varied team of brilliant people, where every day is never the same, this is the business for you!

What is your favourite thing about working at HelloFresh?
Appreciation is not only stated but demonstrated and it's a great thing to see. Hard work and dedication are routinely celebrated and those who embody the Hellofresh DNA are often congratulated for who they are. It truly is a place that respects you as an individual.

Your favourite HelloFresh recipe? 
Sticky Sweet Chilli Beef Noodles - absolutely delicious!!

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HelloFresh is on a mission to change the way people eat, forever!

Since our 2011 founding in Europe’s vibrant tech hub, Berlin, we’ve become the world's leading meal kit provider, delivering to over 4.2 million households worldwide in more than 15 countries across 3 continents. 

Our more than 15,000 employees from over 70+ nationalities are the heart and soul of our diverse, fast-paced and dynamic environment where innovation and smart, fast action is encouraged. 

We will encourage you to make an immediate impact in your area of work as well as empower you to grow your career with us.

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